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Management Team

Hao Chen - CEO of DRI Biosciences

Dr. Chen discovered ACT01 and all of its applications and is listed as the first inventor on all ACT01 related patents.  Prior to founding DRI Biosciences Corporation, from 2011 to 2013, Dr. Chen was a Vice President of Caliper Life Sciences - a wholly owned subsidiary of PerkinElmer.  Prior to PerkinElmer, from 2005 to 2011, he was a Vice President of Research and Development of Caliper Life Sciences, and from 1999 to 2005, Dr. Chen was the Vice President of R&D of NovaScreen Biosciences Corporation.  In these technology companies, Chen spearheaded computational chemistry, assay development, and discovery technology programs and was instrumental in establishing research collaborations and contracts with large number of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. During his years with different discovery and technology organizations, he received numerous NIH grant and contracts, and directed and managed a multi-disciplinary team of scientists including computational, combinatorial, medicinal and analytical chemists, cell and molecular biologists, pharmacologists, immunologists, oncologists, and veterinary technicians. By working with different technology companies and collaborating with various pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Chen acquired and developed core competence in CNS, immunology and oncology drug discovery and development.

Alexei Miagkov, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer
Alexei Miagkov, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer, joined DRI Biosciences in January 2014. Dr. Miagkov has over 18 years of a broad biomedical research experience in immunology, cell biology, and cancer research. He has a proven record of successful product development from inception of scientific ideas to IND-enabling studies, which includes the small molecule therapeutics, vaccine and cell-based therapies. Dr. Miagkov held progressing scientific roles at Caliper Life Sciences and NovaScreen Biosciences where he managed immunology and cell biology research programs, including new vaccine adjuvant development effort funded by NIH NIAID BioShiled contract. In these corporations, Dr. Miagkov served as a Scientific Program Manager and director, and was responsible for design, validation and implementation of new in vivo imaging assays for preclinical studies in oncology and inflammatory diseases. Alexei completed post-doctoral fellowship in neuro-immunology at Johns Hopkins University, and earned his PhD in cell biology and MS in cellular immunology and microbiology from Moscow State University.
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